No job is too big or too small for Everhart Tree Care. We provide free tree diagnoses and free estimates, as well as reasonable rates for our quality service, whether it is residential or commercial work. Unlike most tree companies, we will often offer to perform a required service for an hourly rate with a guaranteed price cap. We try to avoid unpleasant surprises for our clients.

In addition to offering very competitive pricing, Everhart Tree Care maintains liability insurance and workers’ comp to protect its clients from the unexpected. Many small “tree guy” companies don’t adhere to the same professional and business standards, which may put themselves and their clients at risk.

Everhart Tree Care has the manpower, the expertise and the equipment to offer its clients the best, most cost-effective and safest tree care and maintenance.


Tree pruning is not solely for aesthetic purposes; regular pruning and other maintenance can help your trees stay healthy and in good shape for years – and protects your safety. Removing weak or damaged branches or limbs helps prevent them from falling on your home, business, cars, power lines, and most importantly, people.

The untrained tree trimmer can cause damage to the tree, as well as to him/herself. Cutting the wrong major branches or trimming improperly can lead to a diseased, damaged and weak tree – it can even kill it.

We perform a thorough analysis of your trees, give you a report and with your permission will remove dead and dying branches. We can also provide “tree raising,” which raises the branches above walking height so that people can safely walk under the tree without running into branches.

Pruning services include:

  • Cutting dead wood
  • Ornamental tree pruning (such as dogwoods, etc.)
  • Trimming large or tall hedges
  • Clearing branches or limbs over houses
  • Tree beautification
  • Crown reduction: pruning branches on the outer third to lessen the weight on the inner two-thirds
  • Crown thinning: removing selected branches so that sunlight can reach the inside of the tree
  • Crown restoration: improving the overall structure of a badly damaged tree
  • Vista pruning: when done properly, this combines thinning and/or reduction to open up a view while preserving the property’s privacy.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.



There are a variety of ways to remove a tree, from cutting it down outright, trimming it back for its health or safety, to taking it down piece by piece. We look at every situation and calculate the best way to accomplish the removal. A tree that is close to a building requires a different approach than one with nothing around it. And removal may include literally removing the felled tree from the job site.

In order to safely and efficiently remove a tree, large or small, we perform the following:

  • Analyze and assess the tree and its surrounds
  • Bring all the proper equipment (we have whatever is required)
  • See if it is damaged or decayed
  • Determine if it has been lightning struck
  • Assess the threat to buildings or other structures
  • Determine with the property owner whether the wood must be chipped, cut or stacked; or whether the tree must be completely removed from the site or hauled elsewhere on the property.



Tree cabling helps support a tree that has a structural defect; for example, a crack where two major limbs meet, a hollow or hole caused by insects or decay, or a range of other exacerbating factors. The wind or the weight of the limbs themselves can significantly increase the amount of stress on the weak area, causing it to fall. Cabling mitigates or eliminates this increased force by securing portions of trunks and limbs of a tree together.

Our years of experience have led us to prefer static cabling over dynamic cabling. Static cabling utilizes a rigid, a 7-strand, EHS (extra-high strength) cable. We employ the Rigguy® system, which requires fewer parts and utilizes Wire Stops® so that cables remain fixed in place; and it makes for a more finished, less cluttered, installation.


Emergency Storm Damage Removal

First, we believe in prevention. As a Certified Arborist, Bob Everhart can inspect and assess your trees to detect symptoms could become a problem with or without the high winds brought on by a storm.

However, in the event of an emergency where a tree has fallen on your property or home, you want an expert who will arrive in a timely manner and correct the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Everhart Tree Care is available to you when you need it most. We

assess the situation properly and recommend the best course of action. Once the emergency situation is handled, we will then clean up and remove the debris from the fallen tree(s).


Lightning Protection

Trees can be protected from lightning most often by installing a copper cable system that extends from terminals near the top of every major trunk down to 10-foot copper ground rods driven beyond the tree’s drip line. Special fasteners hold the cable away from the tree to protect the trunk, are relatively inconspicuous, and very reliable.

Most people aren’t aware that lightning protection should be updated every five years to be fully effective. While not inexpensive to maintain this protection, often clients will have us install it for “favored” trees; e.g., the 200-year-old white oak in front of the family estate. 

Contact us for more information and an assessment of the best solution for your trees.



Stump Grinding

When a tree is cut down, removing the remaining stump is a different process altogether. Most people want it removed. It can be an eyesore or an inconvenience when mowing around it. Stump grinding is the preferred and easiest way to remove a stump, but it requires special equipment and know-how. Stumps can be small to several feet in diameter, requiring different size grinders and horsepower.  At Everhart Tree Care, we have two sizes: a 60-horsepower and a 35-horsepower.

We also have a Bobcat “Skid Steer,” which includes a variety of powerful front-end attachments: Forestry Mulcher, Grapple/Bucket, and Stump Grinders (including a grinder for smaller stumps in a crowded area of trees – it can make short work of them!). See our page on “Land Clearing” for more information.


Land Clearing

Our Forestry Mulcher comes with a small footprint but has big capabilities. From small to large projects, we can handle a wide array of specialized jobs:

  • Tree mulching (Standing trees up to 6” diam.)
  • Land clearing and light excavating
  • Right-of-way clearing and maintenance
  • Reclaiming habitat for wildlife
  • Vegetation management