Caring for healthy trees is a critical part of the services we provide. It’s always better and easier to maintain a healthy tree than to repair or salvage a weak or diseased one. The tree care services we are regularly called on to perform are:

Tree Risk Assessment

We look for potential hazards with trees in regard to houses or other structures, like barns, stables, detached garages, or work sheds.  Is a tree posing a potential risk to your driveway and the autos parked in it? Is there a “hollow” in a tree that is weakening it? We carefully look at the overarching situation and assess the probability of damage, and then recommend steps to mitigate that possibility from happening.

Tree Diagnosis

You don’t want to wait until a tree shows obvious signs of distress. Everhart Tree Care will check and diagnose the overall health of your trees before they exhibit unhealthy conditions, like disease, early dropping of leaves, infestations of pests, structural issues, and more. We can test the soil and recommend and provide appropriate treatments. If you wait, the damage may have already progressed to late or incurable stages. It’s best to uncover any problems before they get worse or cause serious damage, and is critical to maintaining your healthy trees.

Plant Healthcare

Services provided directly by Everhart Tree Care include:

  • Fertilization (deep root and Mauget tree injection)
  • Integrated disease and pest management
  • Soil amendment

Trees and shrubs are exposed to a wide range of environmental challenges that can put stress on their ability to survive and thrive. When it comes to extensive or ongoing plant healthcare, Everhart Tree Care works with trusted strategic partners who are specialists in the field of plant health, and who complement the services we provide to ensure that your entire landscape receives the best possible recommendations, maintenance and treatments, as well as maintaining its most attractive appearance.